Juho Laitinen

Juho Laitinen is an instrumentalist, composer, pedagogue and scholar. He studies the philosophical, aesthetic and ethical aspects of historical avantgarde art and the interpenetrating domains of music and noise, music and other forms of art, and artistic expression and an everyday reality. He investigates resonance and tuning, the surface of sonority and the sculptural and architectural structures underneath, and the consciousness in acts of silence and sound. Since 2010 Juho directs the Tulkinnanvaraista forum for new and experimental music. In 2013 he received a doctorate from Sibelius Academy. In recent years the notion of ritual and corporeal aspects of musical performance has led him to work on experimental music theatre. In 2021–2024 Juho is examining possibilities for communal learning as part of a complete performance of Cornelius Cardew’s ‘The Great Learning’, a joint venture of Tulkinnanvaraista and Uniarts Helsinki.



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