Essential Youth

Tuesday, November 15, 2022
7:00 pm Multifunctional Hall DOX+

World premieres of works for orchestra by new generation

ONO – Ostrava New Orchestra (international)
Irvin Venyš, clarinet (Prague)
Martin Opršál, percussion (Brno)
Petr Kotík, conductor (New York/Ostrava) 

Adrian Demoč: Popinavá hudba (2022)
Ian Mikyska: Shan Shui (2022)
Christian Ferlaino: Synthetics 1 – Floating (2022)
María de Grandi Ruzafa: Otesánek /fairytale no. 1/ (2022)
Liisa Hirsch: Canvas (2019, ext. 2022)

Presale starts on October 12th. 

Adrian Demoč (1985) – a Slovakian composer based in Spain, Liisa Hirsch (1984) – an Estonian composer of concert, but also film and theatre music, Christian Ferlaino (1981) – an Italian composer, saxophone player and ethnomusicologist, Ian Mikyska (1994) – a Czech composer and interdisciplinary artist and María de Grandi Ruzafa (1998) – a Spanish composer and violin player. This varied selection of artists and of their compositions written in 2022 will present us ways how the young generation of composers approaches the issues of (classical) music composition and the sensibility with which the individual composers approach contemporary society from the musical perspective. The breadth in terms of artistic approaches as well as genres of young male and female composers from various European countries will represent an extraordinary confrontation of orchestral music of today. 

Essential Youth is already the fifth edition of the series of “Essential” concerts, produced by Ostrava Center for New Music in cooperation with Centre for Contemporary Art DOX since 2018. All orchestral compositions were commissioned by OCNH and will be heard in Prague in world premieres.

ONO – Ostrava New Orchestra – an international symphony orchestra for new music was founded in 2017 as a resident ensemble for the Ostrava Days festival. ONO is made up of students and graduates of European music academies who focus on interpreting contemporary music. This orchestra works with leading conductors of contemporary music, such as Johannes Kalitzke, Roland Klutig, Peter Rundel, Bruno Ferrandis, Jiří Rožeň and Petr Kotík. Since its debut five years ago, the orchestra has been a respected ensemble for its exceptionally high-quality and at the same time enthusiastic interpretation of contemporary music. 

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