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Essential Youth at DOX+: World Orchestral Premieres of Young European Composers in Prague


Ostrava, September 26, 2022 – Ostrava Center for New Music in cooperation with Centre for Contemporary Art DOX revives the series of “Essential” concerts. Their history goes back to the spring of 2018 when DOX opened its new concert hall. Every year, we present compositions which fundamentally contr... View Article

NODO 2022: Contemporary Opera Festival in Ostrava – Tickets Available!


NODO 2022 eight performances in six daysczech and world premieresJune 25–30, Ostrava Ostrava, April 14, 2022 – Here come the latest news about the program of this year’s NODO; festival passes and tickets for individual shows are already on sale! The 6th NODO biennial will feature both full-lengt... View Article

Toward New Opera in Ostrava!


The NODO Biennial / Days of the New Opera Ostrava - a unique continuous showcase of the new opera in the Czech Republic - will offer opera works and vocal performances by eight composers: Luigi Nono, Salvatore Sciarrino, Petr Kotík, Matouš Hejl, Miroslav Tóth, Judith Berkson, James Layton, and Lucie... View Article

Essential Bernhard Lang! The World of Loops of Original Austrian Composer at DOX+ or Contemporary Classical Music with Free Jazz, Rock, Punk and Techno Influences


Ostrava, October 5, 2021 – Ostrava Center for New Music returns to DOX+, the music hall of the Dox Center for Contemporary Art, with another iteration of the ESSENTIAL concert series. This year’s Essential Changes concert will follow up on orchestral programs with the music of Morton Feldman and Ian... View Article

The Finale of Ostrava Days 2021. Festival of Infinite Durations and Inexhaustible Inspiration


11th biennial Ostrava Days will close on Saturday (August 28) evening. There are 6 more concerts on its program. Bizarre instruments (sixth-note harmonium, gongs immersed in water, amplified fanfrnoch or a saw used as a musical instrument), virtuoso solos of Johannes Wieners (countertenor), Miroslav... View Article

Music of Today Met with Great Interest Six More Days to come at Ostrava Days!


Ostrava, August 23, 2021 – Since its opening this year, the festival is enjoying high visitor rates, with great interest in the concerts of contemporary music especially from young audiences. After the triple concert at the BrickHouse in the premises of Hlubina Coal Mine (08/19), the Long Night with... View Article

Music of today in full blast!!! From August 19 to 28 at Ostrava Days


The festival opening “Start” on Thursday at the Hlubina Coal Mine featuring three concerts/performances in one evening. The Long Night: an 18-hour marathon of music, including FLUXUS happenings or generative opera starting on Friday in the premises of the Jiří Myron Theatre (followed by a Saturday b... View Article

All set! Ostrava Days starting in 14 days


Ostrava, 5 August – Soon, around 200 hundred musicians will converge on Ostrava. They will all participate in the biennial of one of the biggest festivals devoted to the questions, problems and concepts of contemporary music. In what terms do young composers from Europe, America or Asia think about ... View Article

Ostrava Days 2021. Music of the 21st century


Ostrava, 25/05/2021 – From 19 to 28 August, 2021 the Ostrava Days Festival will present the music of today in all its breadth and diversity and celebrate 20 years from the first biennial which took place in 2001. The festival is based on direct participation of composers and performers from the Czec... View Article

NODO Festival with Live Audience and Online Streaming!


Ostrava, August 24, 2020 – Ostrava is the only place in the Czech Republic which hosts a festival of opera performances in both world and Czech premieres. Coming up next week on the weekend of 28-30 August, 2020, five opera performances will be showcased in theaters and in the Hlubina Mine. Most o... View Article

NODO Festival Launching Ticket Presale


Ostrava, June 15, 2020 - The NODO Festival will be held in Ostrava on new dates on the last weekend of August (28-30th, 2020). Today we are launching the presale of both festival passes and tickets for individual performances on the GoOut network. NODO 2020 will present five opera productions. Am... View Article

Ostrava Becomes the Center for Contemporary Opera Again. 5th Biennial NODO Festival Coming Up!


Ostrava, February 24, 2020 – For the fifth time already, the last days of June in Ostrava will be dedicated to new opera and progressive forms of music theatre, showcasing Czech and world premieres of works with the power to move us deeply. Production teams from Europe, the USA and Japan, as well as... View Article

Last weekend marked the end of Ostrava Days!


 EXCEPTIONAL DEMANDFOR THE MUSIC OF TODAY OROD REPORTING A GREAT INCREASE IN TURNOUT THIS YEAR    Although modern composed music has its dedicated platforms such as Contempuls in Prague or the Exposition of New Music in Brno, it sometimes infiltrates the Strings of Autumn or Prague Spring festiva... View Article

Ostrava Days Approaching its Climax!!!


Record-Breaking Turnout Signals a Change,People Are Hungry for the Music of Today  Ostrava, August 30 – Two doyens of original and free music, piano virtuoso Frederic Rzewski and his colleague Alvin Curran, who played the kudu horn in Ostrava, were rewarded with intense applause. On Tuesday, organ ... View Article

The Joy of Discovering the Not Yet Heard Together


The Ostrava Days Festival is halfway throughPremieres of original music of our days in Ostrava until August 31    Four concert days with more than 30 hours of music have elapsed since the festival of new/and experimental music Ostrava Days started. A plentiful and enthusiastic audience have enjoyed... View Article

We are almost there!!! Ostrava Days Festival to Start in 10 Days


Ostrava, August 12, 2019 – Around two hundred musicians will converge on Ostrava to take part in the 10th biennial edition of one of the biggestfestivals in the world devoted to contemporary classical music and its alternativeforms. How do young artists from Europe, America or Asia compose today? Wh... View Article

Great Orchestras amidst the Ostrava Industrial Backdrop!


ONO and PRSO Performing at the Ostrava Days Festival Ostrava, May 7, 2019 – Over the course of its 10-day programme (22 - 31/08), the Festival Ostrava Days is planning two extraordinary orchestral concerts. The former industrial buildingsbelonging to the complexes of Žofín Steelworks and KarolinaCo... View Article

Ostrava Days in August 2019 for the Tenth Time!


18-hour music marathon, Czech and world premieres, Feldman's opera and music for Harley Davidson Ostrava, February 11, 2019 – New compositions written commissioned by the Festival, participation of composers of the young generation as well as world-famous composers of today, revisiting the beginnin... View Article

The world premiere of Alois Hába’s opera is drawing closer


Press release – May 11, 2018 We’ll play it properly: off-key!The world premiere of Alois Hába’s opera is drawing closer Preparations are in full swing for the most highly anticipated performance of this year’s NODO, the world premiere of Thy Kingdom Come, an opera by Alois Hába, one of the bravest... View Article

Ostrava Days are over. They have crossed the Rubicon.


Ostrava, September 4, 2017 – This Saturday, the 9th iteration of Ostrava Days biennial festival/institute has reached its climax at Triple Hall Karolina with Victor Hanna (Ensemble Intercontemporain) virtuoso solo part in Olga Neuwirth’s 2016 composition Trurliade – Zone Zero; on this occasion, Hann... View Article

In their second half, Ostrava Days present Radical Past or Miroslav Srnka opera


Ostrava, August 29, 2017 – Ostrava Days have successfully entered their second half. Day after day, the eventful program continues to confirm that the festival is an internationally unique project and plays an integral part in the history of modern music in this century. Upcoming highlights include ... View Article


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