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Brooklyn Rail: Ostrava Days 2021


Ostrava Days is a biennial new-music festival founded, and still helmed, by the longtime New Yorker, flutist, and composer Petr Kotík, who was born in Prague. The festival’s structure tends to be repeated every two years, but a recent program addition from 2019 made its successful return. On the sec... View Article

Brooklyn Rail: Chaya Czernowin with Ondrej Vesely


In the March issue of Brooklyn Rail, an interview with Chaya Czernowin was released. Contucted by Ondrej Vesely, the interview took place in Ostrava during last August at the 10th biennial of Ostrava Days Festival where Czernowin participated also as one of the Institute's lectors.Czernowin also des... View Article

All About Jazz: Ostrava Days 2019


 "The biennial Ostrava Days festival rolled around again, and there's nothing quite like a once-every-two-years event to make time appear to flow even faster than normal. As a moderne composition festival, it is difficult to accurately fix its stylistic placement, although there are returning concer... View Article

All About Jazz: Ostrava Days 2017


A newer breed of industrially-attuned tourism is evident in the city of Ostrava, in the north-east of the Czech Republic, and very close to Poland border. One of its biggest attractions is the relatively recently retired coal mining and blast furnace complex, which unusually combined the entire digg... View Article

Positionen: Ostrava Days 2017: Contemplations


PositionenTexte zur aktuellen MusikBerlin, Germany 14, 2017 Ostrava Days 2017: Contemplationsby Jim Igor Kallenberg For anyone who is used to the unified mélange of New Music that is presented in Donaueschingen, Darmstadt, and Berlin, it is a revelation to find o... View Article

Czech Music Quarterly: Ostrava Days 2017


During its sixteen years on the scene, the Ostrava Days biennial has carved out a position as an exclusive space for the presentation of contemporary music which far surpasses the borders of the Czech Republic.  >>> Boris KlepalCzech Music Quarterly... View Article

Czech Music Quarterly: Ostrava Days 2017


During its sixteen years on the scene, the Ostrava Days biennial has carved out a position as an exclusive space for the presentation of contemporary music which far surpasses the borders of the Czech Republic.  >>> Boris KlepalCzech Music Quarterly... View Article

The Brooklyn Rail: What Are They To You?


For every culture there is a counter, in every niche there are yet further discrete splinters, internal disputes that boil down to who has the purest values. Then there are the rare instances of individuals who are cultures solely of themselves, who are sympathetic to this group or that, but who ult... View Article

The Brooklyn Rail: Marc Sabat with Ondrej VEsely


Marc Sabat (born 1965) is a Canadian composer of Ukrainian descent living in Berlin since 1999. He is a pioneer in the field of contemporary just intonation music. Together with Wolfgang von Schweinitz he has also developed the Extended Helmholtz-Ellis JI Pitch Notation system. I first got to know S... View Article

Amadeus: Ostrava Days: la musica contemporanea diventa comunità


A cosa serve un festival di musica contemporanea? Dovrebbe muovere l’interesse del pubblico, ma anche la viva curiosità degli “addetti ai lavori”, compositori, musicisti, organizzatori, direttori artistici. Essere un’occasione per scoprire nuovi linguaggi musicali, tendenze diverse, ma anche alcuni... View Article

In two weeks’ time, Ostrava Days will turn the North-Moravian metropolis into an epicentre of new and experimental music


Ostrava, August …, 2017 – Ostrava is an important cultural hub, especially well-regarded in the musical world, and Ostrava Days, since the inception of the festival in 2001, has been a major factor behind this reputation. Ostrava Center for New Music, led by Petr Kotík, composer and indefatigable ch... View Article

Kurt Gottschalk about Ostrava Days 2015 Institute


January 31, 2016New York internet magazine for classical music EXCLUSIVE: Students, Teaching –Kurt Gottschalk at Ostrava Days 2015 [REVIEW] Besi... View Article

Small Ensemble, Big Thinking


Ostrava, a smallish Czech city of some 300,000 people about 10 kilometers from the Polish border, hosts the biennial Ostrava Days, a small festival, itself, but with audiences usually numbering a couple hundred. Both city and fest think big. In recent years, Ostrava has seen a remarkable amount of d... View Article

Classicalite: Orchestral Maneuvers in the Czech - Kurt Gottschalk at Ostrava Days 2015


While the biannual Ostrava Days in the Czech Republic features, primarily, a wide array of post-1950 solo and small ensemble pieces, it is, at its heart, a symphonic endeavor--founded and curated by Czech composer/conductor Petr Kotik. Over the course of nine expansive nights in August, running this... View Article



Ostrava appears on a map in my guide book to the Czech Republic, but there ss nothing else there on the city: no story, no sights to see, not even a mention of its population or its reputation. Ostrava sits near the far east end of the eastern province of Moravia, and the closest notable destination... View Article

Modern Merriment in Ostrava


How often does one see the composer of a symphonic work sitting in with the orchestra on saxophone for the première? This was by no means the most unusual moment of the Ostrava Days New and Experimental Music Festival, which wrapped with a razor-sharp performance by the hometown orchestra, the Janáč... View Article

Ostrava Days 2015 presents new & experimental music


North Moravia will present some rare pieces in its biennial music festival The biennial Ostrava Days New & Experimental Music Festival kicks off Aug. 21 with an unusually impressive list of premieres, and homages to some of the most influential 20th and early 21st century composers. Prague Pos... View Article



Have you seen the documentary movie about Ostrava Days 2013? Check out our 30-minute long documentary movie about Ostrava Days 2013 by Tomáš Pavelek at View Article

New Music Box: Ostrava 2013


If I might be permitted to adulterate a bit of Emily Dickinson, the 2013 edition of the Ostrava Days festival opened twice before its opening. (In addition to hosting a weeklong institute for student composers and two other evenings of composition and improvisation, all before the official Philharmonic Hall opening night.) View Article

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik: Eine Grosse Nachtmusik


Eine Grosse Nachtmusik Neue Zeitschrift für MusikThomas Wolkinger... View Article

Cultured Cleveland: Season Openers


That was no surprise in Ostrava, an industrial city in the northeast corner of the country that bears more than a passing resemblance to Cleveland, with abandoned factories dotting the landscape. Every two years, the city hosts one of the best modern music events in Europe – Ostrava Days, a gathering of students, players and composers modeled after Darmstadt. View Article


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