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The World is an online project launched by the Ostrava Center for New Music. The aim was to get music to the people even in the times when borders can’t be crossed. During May, June and July 2020, video / audio recordings of solo compositions performed by members of the international Ostravska banda and soloists who have been cooperating with the Ostrava Center for a long time were published exclusively every Wednesday. Why „The World“? These unique videos were recorded in twelve countries in Europe and the USA but it is possible to watch them from anywhere. The recordings are also available on the Facebook profile and YouTube channel of the OCNM. The project is a contribution to keeping art alive in situations where we cannot meet at traditional concerts.

The videos were created exclusively for this purpose and include a commentary that each artist accompanies their recording with. The program includes music from the 20th and 21st centuries, featuring compositions by Alois Haba, Luciano Berio, Petr Bakla, Isang Yun, John Cage, Klaus Lang, Peter Ablinger, Alvin Curran, Iannis Xenakis or Elliott Sharp or Miro Toth.

No. 1: Petr Kotík, New York
No. 2: František Výrostko, Martin;   Daniel Havel, Prague
No. 3: Gergely Lukács, Budapest;   William Lang, New York
No. 4: Katalin Károlyi, Paris
No. 5: Gareth Davis, London/Amsterdam
No. 6: Miroslav Beinhauer, Opava;   Daan Vandewalle, Ghent
No. 7: Nikolaus Schlierf, Berlin
No. 8: Stefanie Liedtke, Amsterdam;   Eduardo Olloqui, Barcelona/Rotterdam
No. 9: Matthias Lorenz, Dresden;   Daniel Skála, Ostrava
No. 10: Irvin Venyš, Prague;   Andrej Gál, Bratislava
No. 11: Eirik Sletteberg, Oslo;   Juho Laitinen, Helsinki
No. 12: Daniele Brekyte, Vilnius;   María De Grandy Ruzafa, Algeciras
No. 13: Francesco Facchini, Pettenasco;   Conrad Harris, New York
No. 14: Thomas Verchot, New York
No. 15: Adam Máros, Miklos Holló, Tamás Schlanger, Budapest


The realization of the project was made possible thanks to the support of Veronika and Libor Winkler and also the grant of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.


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